Food Coop

PRESENTED BY: Backbone Meaningful Movies on Vashon
6:00 PM, Tuesday, September 11, 2018 PST
Location: Vashon (click for map)

Nestled deep in New York City, you can find this highly prosperous institution, just as American and certainly more efficient than Wall Street, but whose objective is entirely non-profit. Working against everything that defines “The American Way of Life,” the basic principles of the Park Slope Food Coop are simple: each of its 16,000 members work 2.75 hours per month to earn the right to buy the best food in New York at incredibly low prices. This Brooklyn coop founded in 1973 is probably the best implemented socialist experience in the United States.

Through “Food Coop,” you will see this institution come to life and witness how the enthusiasm that animates the Park Slope Food Coop demonstrates a potential for change; how the coop’s mode of participation viscerally teaches democracy to those who take part in its activities.

Special Guests: TBD

Sponsors: Vashon Theatre, Island GreenTech, Backbone Campaign  

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Release Year: 2017

Running Time: 97 minutes

Director: Thomas Boothe, Maellanne Bonnicel