Dear President Biden

PRESENTED BY: Online Event
6:00 PM, Thursday, April 18, 2024 PST
Location: Online Event - Pacific Standard Time (click for map)

As a candidate, Joe Biden called climate change an “existential threat” and promised to make fixing the problem part and parcel of every legislative action undertaken during his Administration. Truth is, that while the Biden team got off to a good start – shutting down the XL Pipeline and rejoining the Paris Agreement on his first day in office – that commitment has wavered ever since, as related environmental ills, from flooding to fires, extraordinary heat waves to droughts, continue to mount.Squeezed by the war in Ukraine and calls to ramp up oil and gas production and export and one loan recalcitrant fossil fuel millionaire Senator, addressing the problem has not been easy. But there are things President Biden could do immediately that would make a difference.

The filmmakers traveled across the country to visit with frontline activists in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Iowa and California to bring back stories to share with President Biden, to demand that he do better. The most worrying concerns were found in Cancer Alley and various proposed LNG export sites. The cheerleading by the Secretary of Energy for the fossil-fuel proposed plan to “capture carbon” and bury it underground makes no sense.

Written by Jon Bowermaster & Mark Schlosberg; Cinematography by Devin Pickering; Edited by Rachel Win; Narrated by Tim Guinee.

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Special Guests: Veterans for Peace, 350Seattle, and Green New Deal leaders.

Sponsors: Mt Baker Meaningful Movies, West Seattle Meaningful Movies, Rainier Beach Meaningful Movies

Release Year: 2023

Running Time: 40 min

Director: Jon Bowermaster

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