Covenant of the Salmon People

PRESENTED BY: Backbone Meaningful Movies on Vashon
6:00 PM, Tuesday, October 3, 2023 PST
Location: Vashon (click for map)

The Nez Perce is the oldest documented civilization in North America, with archaeological sites along Idaho’s Salmon River dating back 16,500 years. The cornerstone of their creation story is an agreement with salmon to protect its continued existence.

Produced in collaboration with the tribe, COVENANT OF THE SALMON PEOPLE is a feature-length documentary portrait of the Nez Perce exploring how their relationship to salmon has shaped the tribe’s culture, history and spirituality. As dams and climate impacts threaten to bring salmon to extinction, Covenant of the Salmon People traces the tribe’s efforts to honor their ancient agreement.

“I have to say, when is enough, enough? We have turned as many dials for salmon recovery as we are capable of doing,” said Nez Perce Tribal Chairman, Shannon Wheeler. “Our back is against the wall. We need to turn some of the larger dials, and some of the
larger dials include dam breaching. Now, more than ever our voice needs to be amplified for salmon and for the rest of the environment. We will never forget our covenant with the salmon.”

Speakers will follow the film screening, to update folks what they can do to take action to see the dams breached.


Special Guests: TBA

Sponsors: Backbone Campaign Vashon Theatre Island GreenTech Vashon Heritage Museum

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Release Year: 2023

Running Time: 60 minutes

Director: Shane Anderson

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