Coming of Age in Aging America

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies in Ridgefield
7:00 PM, Wednesday, June 26, 2019 PST
Location: Ridgefield (click for map)

This penetrating documentary suggests that America’s social and economic institutions will – and must – change to adapt to a staggering demographic transformation where more than half of the world’s population will eventually be over the age of fifty. The film examines the current social security system; looks at the data being collected on the aging brain and body at a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lab; explores a town re-designing itself for multi-generational use; and observes a large medical system remolding its work environment to both retain older workers and welcome younger ones.

Share thoughts and questions during our moderated post-film community discussion.

This showing is free, but donations are appreciated to cover our costs. Snacks and beverages are available for purchase. Doors open at 6:15 pm.


Special Guests: Chuck Green from the Clark County Commission on Aging

Sponsors: Ridgefield Community Library The Old Liberty Theater

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Release Year: 2017

Running Time: 58 min

Director: Christine Herbes-Sommers

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  1. deborah
    #1 deborah 27 June, 2019, 04:55

    Like global warming, the problem is in the institutions and theories based on a simplistic pov that derived from basic default patterns that Nature utilizes throughout the animal kingdom. Once seen in a broader lens this is good news, our species population is a global issue and women choosing to have fewer children should be applauded. Transitioning from a economic, model that is based on “growth and progress” as was based on beliefs that caused the problems we are facing, suggests that we drop the old story and create something new and healthy for now. Data collecting is useful but if pushed back into the template, the story that created the problem is MAD.

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  2. deborah
    #2 deborah 27 June, 2019, 05:43

    In a greater story, one that puts our species into the whole of Nature, with the body of knowledge that has been accumulated, then, this might be seen as a gift, a challenging one, yes, but still a gift However, data collected via a lens of the old growth progress story, is useful, it also leads to adaptive measures that fit the template that caused the problem. The template is based on many false beliefs about being and doing human that need addressing if we are to remain a viable species. Putting this issue into the bigger picture of global warming, resource abuse, practices that appear remedial but remain tainted at the core, all of this can be addressed and in this more connected aspect, we just might change the story and the path.

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