Bring it to the Table

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies: Sustainable Ballard
5:30 PM, Sunday, March 26, 2017 PST
Location: Ballard (click for map)

Please join Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard for a screening of “Bring it to the Table” on Sunday, March 26th @ 5:30pm at Royal Drummer Cafe, 6420 – 24th Ave NW. We invite you to arrive early to enjoy Happy Hour pricing of 25% off all items on Royal Drummer’s regular menu. And we invite you to stay after the film to participate in a discussion led by Cecile Andrews, author of Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community and the Common Good.

Special Guest: We are thrilled that we will be joined by Jessey Dearing, Director of Photography.


But somewhere along the line, politics replaced sex as the one thing in America we don’t discuss in mixed company – even amongst friends and family. Segregating ourselves into political silos is toxic to democracy. Bring It to The Table encourages Americans to stop bickering about politics, examine their own assumptions, and truly engage in civil discourse to help move our democracy forward.

This project is a short documentary, webisode series, online platform, and community engagement campaign aimed at bridging political divides and breaking down partisanship. For people who are tired of hyper-partisanship, pull a chair up to The Table and join us in making politics an acceptable topic for dinner conversation again!

Bring It to The Table is produced by Talking Eyes Media, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with extensive experience producing films, books and multimedia on pressing social issues.

Meaningful Movies : Sustainable Ballard Screenings are free, but we gratefully accept donations to help offset the costs of acquiring the films we screen. Suggestion: $5.

Special Guests: Jessey Dearing, Director of Photography

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Release Year: 2012

Running Time: 41 min

Director: Julie Winokur

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  1. NW Citizen
    #1 NW Citizen 19 March, 2017, 13:54

    Thanks for showing this film. Our community definitely needs to see it and take it to heart.

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