American Winter

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies Port Townsend
7:00 PM, Monday, September 11, 2017 PST
Location: Port Townsend (click for map)

Please join Meaningful Movies Port Townsend for a free screening of “American Winter.” This is the first screening on our new standing schedule, the second Monday of each month.

“American Winter” gets at the very heart of the precariousness of the US economy for so many in the ever-shrinking middle class, showing through the struggles of eight families how close to the edge many families live every day. This is a particularly timely film given the housing emergency right here in Jefferson County.

Here’s more from the film’s website ( — we hope to see you all on September 11 for this powerful film and community discussion. Child care and hearing assistive devices available.

“Years after the recession began, millions of families are struggling to meet their basic needs, and many formerly middle class families are finding themselves in financial crisis, and needing assistance for the first time in their lives. Meanwhile, the social safety net that was created to help people in difficult times has been weakened by massive budget cuts, creating a perfect storm of greater need and fewer resources to help families in trouble.

Filmed over the course of one winter in Portland, Oregon, American Winter presents an intimate and emotionally evocative snapshot of the state of our economy as it is playing out in many American families.”

Special Guests: Ariel Speser, Attorney, Northwest Justice Project; Kathy Morgan, Housing Director for OlyCAP; Emily Ingram, Habitat for Humanity Board Member; and Kate Lore, Assistant Minister at Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Sponsors: Meaningful Movies Port Townsend, QUUF Green Sanctuary Environmental Action Committee, and QUUF Social and Environmental Justice Council

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Release Year: 2013

Running Time: 90 minutes

Director: Harry Gantz, Joe Gantz

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