Alive Inside

PRESENTED BY: Meaningful Movies in Wallingford
7:00 PM, Friday, July 24, 2015 PST
Location: Wallingford, Seattle, WA (click for map)

In the beginning, filmmaker Michael Rossato-Bennett had planned on following Dan Cohen for just one day. Cohen, a social worker and founder of the nonprofit organization Music & Memory, had wanted someone to document what he was witnessing in nursing homes, something he thought was extraordinary.

What Cohen was witnessing was the powerful reaction elders with dementia had when he played them music they loved; it was as if a deeply submerged internal light had suddenly been switched on. Vacant stares were broken with blinks of recognition; gradual smiles gave way to waves of joy; tears of gratitude often followed.

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Special Guests: The Alzheimer's Association, Western and Central Washington

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Release Year: 2014

Running Time: 78 Minutes

Director: Michael Rossato-Bennett

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  1. Dwight Rousu
    #1 Dwight Rousu Author 6 July, 2015, 23:40

    If AARP has categorized you as a fogey also, there is a good related article on page 30 of the July/August 2015 Bulletin, by Mary Ellen Geist.

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