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Eating Our Way to Extinction by Lynn Roesch, Meaningful Movies Bellevue

by April 23, 2024 0

Meaningful Movies Bellevue fans joined together for a virtual screening of Eating Our Way to Extinction on Tuesday, March 26th. Narrated by Academy Award Winner, Kate Winslet, this stunning and hard-hitting documentary film recently won the Environmental Media Award for Best Documentary. Stressing the urgent need to change our eating habits and food production, Eating Our Way to Extinction takes viewers on a journey around the world to see how these practices are impacting our environmental. Poignant accounts from climate activists, indigenous populations, and scientists present an impactful message about the costly and dangerous practices contributing to starvation, illness, and environmental collapse. This film demands that everyone question their personal choices as well as those being made by industry leaders and government officials. Do you realize that by 2030, more than 100 million people could be living with extreme poverty and there could be extreme food shortages? If we worked together and successfully changed our land area footprint by using plant-based foods, we could drastically shrink that footprint and provide food for more people. Yes, climate-driven problems are devastating. Yes, steps can be taken immediately to change this scenario.

Meaningful Movies Bellevue’s screening was immediately followed by a lively discussion with attendees providing useful suggestions to all. Whether you’ve been a vegetarian for years, are considering becoming a vegetarian, or think of yourself as a confirmed meat-eater, Eating Our Way to Extinction has something for you to learn! Don’t hesitate to check out the film’s website at or go to Vegetarians of Washington ( Each of these websites has helpful information including facts about the environment, vegetarian resources, and the impact deforestation has on people’s lives. For more information about Meaningful Movies Bellevue, contact Lynn (Please embed my email:


Article Written by Lynn Roesch with Meaningful Movies Bellevue Group. 

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