What will your donations support?


Your donations will go to supporting the following:

  • Outreach for building a wider network of Meaningful Movies community film and discussion venues.
  • General promotion and marketing of members’ events.
  • Partially subsidizing startup costs for new MMP groups until they can become self-sufficient.
  • Assistance with costs of film screening rights when needed, including technical assistance in learning how to acquire rights.
  • Workshops and learning opportunities for MMP members.
  • The development and maintenance of a Meaningful Movies Handbook as a resource to assist both Meaningful Movies members as well as other individuals and groups interested in learning how to effectively organize community film screenings.
  • Maintenance of our documentary film library, including acquiring new titles, replacing damaged or lost films, developing a searchable data base, and maintaining the library as a resource for pre-screening by Meaningful Movie member groups, as well as a resource for general local public access.
  • Providing and maintaining quality projection and sound and playback equipment for loan to group members.
  • Maintaining our website, and technology resources.
  • Assisting with the additional costs of occasional events jointly organized by multiple groups.