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Give Big: Your Donation Goes A Long Way

by April 25, 2023 0 comments

Meaningful Movies Project exists entirely on donations from people like you. Our mission is to empower people of all ages, ethnicities, and social classes to create a better world with social justice and peace for all. We do not charge

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Anti-Drag Bills by Meaningful Movie HS Member, Abby

by April 15, 2023 1 comment

In a country where seemingly anything from hair color to shoe brand can be a source of political tension, the curtain seemingly never falls without at least a few tomatoes thrown. From the latest law in Tennessee to Ron DeSantis’

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POV and MMP Partnership

by April 5, 2023 0 comments

On Monday, April 3rd, Meaningful Movies Manager, Melinda Raebyne hosted an All Network Meeting to talk about a new partnership with the national PBS program, Point of View (POV).  POV is America’s longest-running television program for independent films.  Claire Epstein

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INHABITANTS Event Overview by Swetha

by September 17, 2022 0 comments

Climate Change continues to be a pressing issue that increases its impact daily.  The effects of human created global warming can be seen in our day-to-day lives, with greenhouse gasses already having a significant impact on the environment: global temperatures

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