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ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE Screening by MMP Volunteer Linda Greene

by March 14, 2024 0

ATOMIC BAMBOOZLE was shown virtually on Monday, March 11th by Meaningful Movies Port Townsend, Mt Baker, Rainier Beach and Spokane. One strong message this documentary communicates to us emphatically is that nuclear power is dangerous in so many ways. The nuclear industry is pushing for creating Small Modular Reactors, even though, as this film shows, they are costly, are subject to catastrophic accidents, create more waste per kilowatt hour produced than larger reactors and produce more high-level uranium that could be used for nuclear weapons.

Another takeaway from this movie is that we need to stop global warming NOW. Small Modular Reactors (nuclear reactors) could not be put into service for another 8-10 years. Throwing money at them now would divert attention and money from proven climate solutions that are safer, affordable, and available right now, not in a decade or two. There are multiple ways of producing sustainable, safe energy: wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, and harnessing tidal energy. We should be researching and investing in creative ways to make these sources generate all the power we need, instead of focusing on a dangerous alternative.


If you are not in favor of nuclear energy, please let Governor Inslee know.

The WA state legislature has passed the supplemental budget bill ESSB 5949, bill which contains $25 million for Energy Northwest to investigate creating Small Modular Reactors at the Hanford site. Section 1037 is the specific part of the bill that refers to this expenditure. There are a couple of weeks before it goes to Gov Inslee to sign. Please contact him right away to ask him to line-item veto Section 1037 of ESSB 5949.


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Article written by MMP Volunteer Linda Greene

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