Who We Are

the people behind the MMP


Ren Dietel – Executive Board Chair

Ren’s former work as a middle school educator and outdoor education leader for almost 20 years fueled her passion for youth and protection of the environment. She now uses both a social justice and environmental lens in her work as a philanthropic advisor to individual and family foundations, both domestically and internationally. Ren has worked extensively with Native-led nonprofits on reservations as well as women-led and designed programs providing energy access to families at the bottom of the pyramid around the world. She enjoys attending Mt Baker Meaningful Movies and is elated to be joining the board.


Jack Fogelberg – Executive Board Vice-Chair; Also a volunteer with Meaningful Movies in Wallingford & Meaningful Movies of Issaquah

Jack first attended the Meaningful Movies in 2008 and has been a Film Committee member since 2009 with a break from 2011 through 2014 when he resided in North Carolina and started a documentary film group there. He has been the Vice-Chair of the Meaningful Movies Project since its establishment in 2012. He is a Mechanical Engineer and lives in Seattle. He has two kids in college so we have to watch the donation cans around him. He likes motorcycles and waffles with hot tamales.


Fernando Betancourt – Executive Board Member At Large; Also our social media lead

An aspiring filmmaker and a film student at Humboldt State University, Fernando started working with MMP as an intern in early 2020. He fell in love with the organization almost immediately and was a co-leader at the Renton Library venue. Fernando continues to work behind the scenes on MMP’s social media accounts and hopes to spread the word about MMP in his new home in Arcata, California!



Diane Gordon – Executive Board Secretary; Also a volunteer with Everett Meaningful Movies

Diane retired as the Finance Director from Meridian School in Wallingford. She has had over 50 years of experience in financial management for private business, government and non-profit organizations. She also has a long history of volunteering both locally and nationally and has served on many boards. Although she has only been with MMP for two years, she is very passionate about the mission and has taken on the bookkeeping role and serves as the Board Secretary. She has three grandchildren on Mercer Island and three in Avon Lake, Ohio!


Molly Weisel – Executive Board Member At Large

Molly serves as Associate Rabbi and Director of Education at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue. She lives in Lynnwood with her husband and two children. She is passionate about access to education and pursuing social justice, particularly in the realm of environmental justice. Her husband, Noah, is currently pursuing an M.F.A. in Cinema from SFSU.



Libby Carr – Executive Board Member At Large

Libby has been an environmental and political activist for much of her life.  Right after graduating from the UO, she was fortunate enough to land a year long position with the Sierra Club which took her to many parts of Washington organizing SC volunteers wanting to save wilderness in the national forest system and Hells Canyon by preserving it in the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act. After ten years in social services, Libby joined the corporate world in sales and marketing in telecommunications, and later in the insurance industry.  For over 25 years, she has had her own practice s an independent life insurance agent. Her best work was that of Mom and now Nona (Italian for grandmother) and has four beautiful grandgirls who live nearby.  Libby, like most of us, has deep concerns about what we are doing to the planet and what condition we will be leaving it in for our grandchildren and beyond.  She recently met Scott Henson and became familiar with Project Drawdown and the documentary 2040. While working as the campaign manager for WAmend (the first year) she met Rick Turner and spoke at one of the MMP film events in Wallingford.   She has long thought that Rick’s vision has provided a significant public service with MMP inspiring community groups to show films addressing  social justice issues.



Anne Miller – Interim Manager

Anne is an educator, activist and mother. She is a founding member of the South Seattle Climate Action Network and the Mt Baker Meaningful Movies. She works with these groups and numerous others to try and support individuals and organizations who are leading the conversation around equity and the environment. Anne has worked with hundreds of students.  First, as a Peace Corps teacher at a vocational school in the Solomon Islands, then as a second grade teacher in the Kent School District and finally, a teacher-librarian in the Seattle School District. The importance of protecting vulnerable peoples and our environment was an integral part of her teaching. Anne was born and raised in Washington State and now lives in South Seattle with her husband and daughters.


Melinda Raebyne – Manager


Melinda Raebyne is inspired by the saying “great art doesn’t just capture the moment; it allows you to feel it. A Tacoma-based filmmaker, Melinda is excited to lead the network into its third decade of using films to inform, inspire and engage communities to take on the critical and urgent issues we face as a society. In 2020, Melinda won the Meaningful Movies Project Turner Legacy Award for this film. STORIES OF US: CAMP SECOND CHANCE was also awarded the Audience Choice Award at the 2019 Tacoma Film Festival. Melinda currently serves on the board for Washington Lawyers for the Arts and is a member of the Washington Filmworks Leadership Council. She is a 2022 recipient of Firelight Media’s Spark Fund which provides support for established independent BIPOC documentary filmmakers.

“I am excited to join the thriving network of MMP volunteers and support its expanded reach and impact.  The power of the conversations MMP creates are more important than ever. How MMP elevates public dialogue and equips activists for advocacy and movement building will be my focus.  MMP has an important role to play in our democracy.”



Charlie Calvert – Meaningful Movies Tech Intern

Charlie Calvert is retired now. He worked in various computer related companies and institutions including Borland, Microsoft, and Bellevue College. Charlie’s work has focused on training or teaching application and web development with a variety of programming languages on a variety of computer platforms.  His favorite activities include hiking, snow-shoeing, swimming, reading and watching movies. He also likes to write. Charlie is known in the computer world primarily as a book author: http://elvenware.com/charlie/books/index.html


Natalie Jude Johnson – Meaningful Movies Intern

Natalie is an aspiring screenwriter and director who writes extensively for the Meaningful Movies blog and who is currently attending film school at the University of New Mexico.




Matthew Valerie – Meaningful Movies Intern

Matthew is a musician who is passionate about learning from and studying music from around the world. An avid cinephile he is inspired by the works of Louis Theroux and Mariana van Zeller. Matthew is also inspired by French cinema, current affairs and world history – especially as those areas of interest relate to religion and gender. He is excited to join the Meaningful Movies team.



Amanda Fellinge – Meaningful Movies High School Intern

Amanda is a junior in high school and currently studies through the Running Start program at Cascadia College. She loves to help build stronger communities and wants to raise awareness about climate change and other issues facing our society. She is excited to work with the Meaningful Movies Project. 



Katie Strausz-Clark – Meaningful Movies High School Intern

Katie is a junior at Ingraham High School, currently enrolled in the IB Program. She loves to help educate people about social justice and she loves movies! She’s excited to work with the Meaningful Movies Project.




Swetha Upadrasta – Meaningful Movies High School Intern

Swetha is currently a junior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley and is very passionate about social justice issues. She is very enthusiastic about volunteering for her community and focuses on raising awareness for issues such as climate change and domestic violence. In her free time, she loves singing,dancing, and reading mystery novels. She is very excited to start volunteering with the Meaningful movie organization!


Deni Malabanan – Meaningful Movies High School Intern

Deni is an incoming senior from the Philippines who is passionate about using art for good. As a performing arts student, she is very interested in using film to spread awareness on social justice issues. She’s really excited to work with the Meaningful Movies Project!




Diane Turner – Board Chair Emeritus and a volunteer with Meaningful Movies in Wallingford
Diane has been a Film Committee member with the Wallingford group (previously known as Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies) since its beginning in 2003.  In 2017 she assumed the role of Executive Board Chair of the Meaningful Movies Project upon the death of her husband, Rick Turner, who was the creator and visionary of MMP. In 2020, Diane retired as Executive Director and from the Meaningful Movies Board. Diane is currently a board member of the local independent film company, Moving Images.