Who We Are

the people behind the MMP


Diane Turner – Executive Board Chair, Member of  Meaningful Movies in Wallingford
Diane Turner has been a Film Committee member with the Wallingford group (previously known as Friday Night at the Meaningful Movies) since its beginning in 2003.  In 2017 she assumed the role of Executive Board Chair of the Meaningful Movies Project upon the death of her husband, Rick Turner, who was the creator and visionary of MMP. Diane is also a board member of the local independent film company, Moving Images.



Jack Fogelberg – Executive Board Vice-Chair, Member of Meaningful Movies in Wallingford & Meaningful Movies of Issaquah
Jack Fogelberg first attended the Meaningful Movies in 2008 and has been a Film Committee member since 2009 with a break from 2011 through 2014 when he resided in North Carolina and started a documentary film group there. He has been the Vice-Chair of the Meaningful Movies Project since its establishment in 2012. He is a Mechanical Engineer and lives in Seattle. He has two kids in college so we have to watch the donation cans around him. He likes motorcycles and waffles with hot tamales.



Rich Gamble – Executive Board Treasurer, Member of Meaningful Movies in Wallingford

Rich Gamble is a founding member of the original Meaningful Movies group. Rich is a pastor of Keystone United Church of Christ which is the birthplace of Meaningful Movies in Wallingford and continues to be its home. Rich is also the executive director of the Justice Leadership Program which provides internships and leadership development training to young adults seeking opportunities to work for social justice.




Diane Tilstra – Executive Board Member-at-Large, Member of Meaningful Movies Tacoma

Diane is a “re-fired” community activist and conscious elder. She has been raising funds to support various non-profits for the past 25 years. Currently she serves on Board of Directors for two organizations; mentors non-profit board members and volunteers for Meaningful Movies Tacoma. It is her goal to bring about community conversation to encourage peace and mindfulness in Tacoma.




Anne Miller – Manager,  Member of Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies

Anne Miller is an educator, activist and mother. She is a founding member of the South Seattle Climate Action Network, a board member for Washington Women for Climate Action Now, and she is on the steering committee for One Sustainable Planet. She works with these groups and numerous others to try and support individuals and organizations who are leading the conversation around equity and the environment. As a Peace Corps teacher at a vocational school in the Solomon Islands; a second grade teacher in the Kent School District; and a teacher-librarian in the Seattle School District, Anne worked with hundreds of students. The importance of protecting vulnerable peoples and our environment was an integral part of her teaching and remains at the heart of her work as a community organizer for climate action. Anne was born and raised in Washington State and currently lives in South Seattle with her husband and daughters.