Our Model

how we're organized

We can make positive, meaningful change in the world. It comes about simply by connecting one person to one person at a time. We quickly discover that we are far more similar in our core beliefs than we are different.

Film coupled with meaningful conversation is a subtle, yet powerful way of recognizing these similarities, rebuilding a storytelling tradition, fostering a vital community dialog and allowing true democracy to unfold.

The Meaningful Movies Project is dedicated to achieving these ends.

  • COMMUNITY: We support events that are community-based and community-sponsored using social justice documentary film and facilitated community discussion. Our events focus on the benefits of building community, and recognize that all other benefits ultimately originate out of this.
  • NETWORK: We use our Meaningful Movies Network to work for the common good of our own communities, as well as the larger community as a whole. The network exists to mutually support one another in all ways.
  • DONATION-DRIVEN SUSTAINABILITY: The Staff and Board of Meaningful Movies Project will provide direction and leadership in assisting MMP sites to become financially sustainable in their first few months of operation through their appeals for donations to cover expenses.  Each site will maintain an accounting of donations and expenses and will do their best to provide a financial contribution to the nonprofit umbrella organization, the Meaningful Movies Project, so that the organization can continue to function and support the Network, including helping new Meaningful Movies groups get established.
    Donations directly to The Meaningful Movies Project are also accepted through our Donate Page. These funds go to support operations of MMP including staff, marketing and communications, website maintenance, fundraising, equipment and film licensing for the MMP network, and for the development and support of new venues.
  • VOLUNTEER-BASED: All participation is community-volunteer based. No profit is made from these events.
  • SUSTAINABLE: The intent is that each Meaningful Movies group become and remain self-supporting and sustainable.
  • DISCUSSION: A primary part of every event is the opportunity for community members to engage in some form of meaningful dialog with one another, in an environment where all feel safe to speak.
  • COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP: To be successful, ownership and support of these events must be assumed by members of the community.
  • HONORING COPYRIGHT: Permission is secured for all copyrighted materials including feature films screened. To be truly sustainable, we need to view our efforts holistically. This necessarily includes the efforts of the independent film industry we depend upon (and who depend upon us), and view them as true partners in this effort.
  • SUPPORT OTHERS: Our events offer a forum for other social justice organizations to use to present their campaigns. We view these organizations and our communities as resources for one another.
  • PRINCIPLES: All events embrace the principles of peace, justice and non-violence, in action as well as speech.
  • NON-AFFILIATION: While we respect all points of view, we are not religiously or politically affiliated.