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On May 26th, Meaningful Movies Project along with Shoreline Community College hosted an enlightening and inspiring event that took us through the remarkable journey of the Seattle Black Panthers. “Seattle Black Panthers Fight for Justice & Freedom” is a documentary that sheds light on the often untold stories of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party, emphasizing their relentless fight against oppression and their commitment to community empowerment.

The documentary, directed by Rick DuPree, offered a nuanced portrayal of the Black Panther Party’s revolutionary efforts, debunking myths and capturing the essence of their mission to empower marginalized communities. The evening was a true community gathering, enriched with food trucks, spoken word performances, and opportunities to engage with the creators and contributors of the film.

Spoken word artist Sharon Nyree Williams opened the event with powerful performances that resonated deeply with the audience. Her storytelling, coupled with her EMMY Award-winning voice, set a poignant tone for the evening.

Rick DuPree, the director, shared his journey of creating the documentary, highlighting his background as an educator and mediator which played a crucial role in gaining the trust of the Black Panther comrades and the community. Marques DuPree, the film’s Director of Photography and Co-Director, brought his decade-long experience in music and film production to the project, ensuring a high-quality visual narrative.

We were especially honored to have Elmer Dixon, co-founder of the Seattle Black Panther chapter, speak about his experiences and ongoing work in social justice and diversity. His presence underscored the evening’s theme of resilience and continuous fight for equality.

The event concluded with Dr. J, Acting Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at Shoreline Community College, providing historical context and emphasizing the importance of continued education on African American history.

This event was more than a documentary screening; it was a celebration of history, a call to action, and a testament to the enduring legacy of the Seattle Black Panthers. For those who attended, it was an evening of enlightenment, inspiration, and meaningful dialogue.

We look forward to more events like this that foster community, honor history, and inspire action. If you missed this one, make sure to catch the next opportunity to engage with such powerful storytelling and community spirit.

Thank you to all who attended and made this night memorable!

We are grateful to our marketing sponsors who helped us get the word out, Seattle Black Film Festival, The Pierce County Collective, Film Summit, Sea Doc and Voice Tacoma Radio Universal.




Article by MMP Volunteer Nari Weaver

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