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by September 1, 2020 0

“Month after month, in local community spaces across Washington State and across the country, Meaningful Movies brings people together with no other agenda than to listen, share each other’s company and ideas, and, as our hearts may lead us, grow in our understanding and our sense of connection. Through the work of independent filmmakers, we hear real life stories told by people across the globe and locally. Speakers from local organizations often participate in the discussions that follow, connecting the national or global issues addressed in the film to what’s happening in our own communities. There’s always an action item to follow up for anyone who’s interested.

As a librarian and an activist – and as a person who struggles, as many of us do, with managing a sense of emotional and informational overload in this complicated world, I think a lot about the magic of stories in bringing people together and transforming confusion into connection and wholeness. Stories – in works of fiction, in documentaries, or wherever we find them – help us make sense of the world. In a world that can feel bewilderingly complex, they simplify, unify, and empower.

I participate with Mount Baker Meaningful Movies Project and have witnessed, as the Covid 19 emergency has closed in-person gatherings, how that local team pulled together to bring screenings and discussions online. This was a big undertaking that has positioned the organization for even greater future impact. Most recently, in early April, we viewed the film Activize, which details the experiences of people who surprised themselves by becoming activists. Then about 25 of us – including the film’s producer and director – joined in an online discussion.

All of us who… I think, share a yearning for peace and justice and healing for the natural world. Among our most pressing needs are building relationships and understanding across our many different cause-related communities, and connecting with our own sense of hope, possibility, and empowerment to bring our shared dreams of justice into reality. Meaningful Movies is a place to gather. It’s an accessible, welcoming, and empowering community where we can take a breath and connect with our neighbors – both local and global. Its gatherings, whether online or in person, support independent filmmakers, our local organizations, and all of us who take part.  Thank you for considering a contribution to us. And please join in with us some time.”

~Noemie Maxwell, Mt. Baker Meaningful Movies

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