It’s Valentine’s Day and the Meaningful Movies Project wishes to express our love and gratitude to you, our MMP supporters!  Since our beginning on Valentine’s Day in 2003, we have created safe spaces where people can get to know one another and talk about important issues and the challenges within our communities. One of our audience members recently expressed the importance of this after attending our screening of “The Most Dangerous Year,” a film about transgender issues and challenges:

This documentary was deeply moving and life-changing for me, as the grandmother of a small child who, at 5, is expressing gender identity statements. I thank you for sharing this amazing film, this sensitive and real portrayal of the events and the people behind the story. Thank you also to the audience for the discussion at the end of the event. It was emotional and enlightening.”

This kind of meaningful experience was possible only because of your past financial support. Thank you!  And, because we believe people like you want to see a Meaningful Movies venue in every community - so that more people can engage in these important community building events - we’re asking you to DONATE to the Meaningful Movies Project today. Our goal is to raise $10,000 this quarter so that we can continue to support the 24 venues we have now and bring more communities on board. You are a critical part of the Meaningful Movies Project. Please make a donation today. Thank you!


Diane Turner, Director, and the entire Meaningful Movies Team

P.S.  We hope you can feel our love and appreciation!!



The Meaningful Movies Project is a 501c3 Washington State Non-profit (EIN 80-0782680) that helps neighborhoods and groups organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and conversation to build positive and meaningful community. Learn more >


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