Dear Friends of the Meaningful Movies,

Meaningful Movies Project has made some extraordinary strides this past year, including presenting approximately 200 film events to 7,250 people at over 20 venues across Western Washington. Your interest in learning about the challenging topics that we present, participating in the discussions, and advocating for change is what motivates and inspires our volunteers to continue to do these events.

We are grateful also for your past financial support that has allowed us to provide these valuable community film events. We would greatly appreciate your continued support into the new year by making a donation today.


Sometimes we learn about the impact we are having in surprising ways. For example, last month I met with Pierce County Councilman, Derek Young, regarding the subject of opioid issues on the Key Peninsula. I mentioned the option of bringing documentary film to audiences in his district. He said, “Yes, we should contact Meaningful Movies to see if they can organize an event!” Mr. Young didn’t know that I am a Meaningful Movies Board member and a volunteer with our Tacoma group. 

It made me smile to realize that the dream of our founder, Rick Turner, has manifested in such a way that community leaders understand the benefit of Meaningful Movies events to draw neighbors together to learn about and address issues in their community.

I hope that you will help us continue the work of the Meaningful Movies Project by giving a gift to support our work in 2019 and beyond. Please consider donating an amount that is meaningful to you!

It is the generosity of our audiences that has propelled the Meaningful Movies Project into its 17th year of operation. Thank you for partnering with us to bring documentary films and discussion to our communities - neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend - needed now, more than ever!


In gratitude,

Diane Tilstra -- Board Member, Meaningful Movies Project and
Volunteer, Meaningful Movies Tacoma


We are a 501c3 Washington State Nonprofit (EIN 80-0782680) and are solely dependent on your donations. We are a predominantly volunteer-run organization, (only one part-time staff person); donations are needed to continue bringing you high-quality, relevant documentary films, AND to help us establish more venues so more people can participate. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Many employers have Matching Gift programs where they'll double the donations made by their employees and retirees (e.g., Adobe, Alaska Airlines, Boeing, Costco, Microsoft, Starbucks, etc.). Please check if your employer is one of these, and if so, submit your matching gift requests to them so that your donation can go even further. Thank you!


The Meaningful Movies Project is a non-profit organization that helps neighborhoods and groups organize, educate and advocate using the power of social justice documentary film and conversation to build positive and meaningful community. Learn more >

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