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by September 18, 2018 0

September 17, 2018

The Meaningful Movies Project and the Social Justice Film Festival are excited to announce a new strategic partnership to expand their social-justice film presentations and community conversations throughout Washington.

Meaningful Movies Project (MMP) is a volunteer-run organization that screens films for free in 22 neighborhoods across Western Washington. Each film is followed by a facilitated, non-partisan discussion about the film and ways to mobilize for social change. MMP events often include the filmmaker or other guest speakers from allied social justice groups.

The Social Justice Film Festival (SJFF) presents new films in a two-week series each fall in Seattle. SJFF’s events include discussions with filmmakers and notable activists, plus media outreach to educate the public. Later this year SJFF will become a project of a newly formed umbrella organization, the Social Justice Film Institute, which has the broader mission of providing technical and creative support to filmmakers and offering school-based programs to students.

What will change:

  1. SJFF will continue to curate films for its festival while opening new distribution channels through MMP’s venues. MMP will gain access to SJFF’s curated slate of timely, high-quality, independent films—all in coordination with the filmmakers.
  2. Both organizations will start to expand their presence in Eastern Washington where fewer opportunities exist for residents to watch social-justice films and hold community discussions. SJFF is now organizing a festival in Spokane for February 2019, and MMP plans to open a venue there.
  3. Both groups will co-promote their films and events. MMP members will enjoy discounted tickets to SJFF events.

With the Festival’s curation process and Meaningful Movies’ multiple venues, our plan is to introduce more movies, more conversations, and more civic action at this important time in America.

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